Online hydrostatics suite

Our software lets you get answers to such important questions as : How deep will it float? When will it capsize? Can it carry more sail than this other hull?

Easily generate righting moment curves at all angles of heel, solving for trim and displacement. Get nicely formatted reports of all hull properties at all heel angles.

HYDRO Interface

What makes HYDRO unique ?

HYDRO is unique in that it gives about 80% of the functionality of the best known software in the field, at 20% of the cost (much less than that actually)

Most features in competing software go unused most of the time, which is really a waste. HYDRO does just what most of us yacht designers need, with a simple intuitive interface and no bloat.

Just choose your offsets file, input a few design parameters and away you go. In less than 2 minutes you will have generated your first hydrostatics data for your hull. This allows you to quickly and efficiently iterate on and refine your designs.

It's absolutely secure, as no data ever leaves your browser. All the calculations are done on your computer.

Output a CSV file of either your static hydrostatics data, or your GZ curve run, for further processing. Download an example CSV file

User friendly interface

Easy to use, intuitive and powerful

3D view of the model

3D view always on screen

A 3D view or your hull is always displayed on screen, you can move around the model as the calculations are happening. When you are doing a righting moment curve calculation, for example, you can see the boat heel and adjust to equilibrium, while the center of buoyancy and the center of gravity are always displayed in their correct positions.

Simple interface for HYDRO

Easy GZ curve calculations

It is surprisingly easy to get you first GZ curve done with HYDRO. Simply choose your geometry file, set the design displacemnt and design LCB, and get an accurate GZ curve with relevant data for each angle of heel.

Works with any kind of model

As long as your design software can output OFE offsets files or STL files, and most should be able to, HYDRO can take it in and give you accurate results in no time. It can calculate righting moments for an arbitrary center of gravity position, which means it gives accurate results for yachts with water ballasts or canting keels.

Now available to all customers

At the monthly price of only 29.00 €